Saving the world, one step at a time.

We’re dedicated to building a future where humanity can prosper. And while the crisis is huge, we’re optimistic.

Our history

Founded by Vincent Kemmer in 2005, Welfare has been working tirelessly with teachers, medical practitioners and volunteers to help underprivileged people live better lives.

Raised 2M dollars funding in the opening year

From the year it was founded, we at Welfare decided we did not want to do things the old way. We wanted to bring about a change, and small steps were going to get us there.
Raised 2M dollars in funding.
Helped more than 30 villages get started on their water conservation modules.

Partnered with TED Talks to help rural women

In 2010, Chairplus hosted the 'No woman left behind' campaign in association with TED Talks and Yerd to empower rural Indian women get educated and find employment in order to gain agency over themselves.
Partnered with TED Talks and Yerd
Helped more than 2,00,000 women with education and employment.

Got endorsed by Ruqaiyah D at the Global non-profit summit

In 2015, Chairplus participated in the Global non-profit summit to represent India internationally. Our founder, Katrina Abernathy addressed the assembly on 17th August 2015, and received the 'F.W.R. philanthropist of the year' award.
Got endorsed by Ruqaiyah D
Helped Amir and 700 other refugee kids find homes.

Raised 13M dollars for COVID-19 relief

2020 came with a pandemic no one saw coming. In this crucial time of need, Chairplus took several initiatives to help make health care accessible to the most needy.
Provided ration and hygiene kits to over 1,50,000 underprivileged families
Helped more than 2000+ schools start their digital learning programme

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision
Welfare is an independent campaigning organization that does philanthropic work to solve global problems. We promote solutions that are essential to a sustainable and peaceful future.
Charity Projects
Welfare helps raise money for a number of causes and helps fund 50+ villages through online philanthropy. We are currently supporting 700 rural families live sustainably.
Foundation and Events
We host regular fundraisers and events to help raise money for our causes. For more information on our next event, click here.
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Meet our team members

Meet the team that is responsible for Welfare. Our members are committed to creating a future where humanity can thrive and prosper.
Vincent Kemmer
Executive vice-chairman of RedTee Partners.
Katrina Abernathy
Senior vice-president of Tesipo Retail.
Blair Wolf
President and co-CEO of Onn Reasoning..
Jamel Cassin
Co-founder and managing partner of Water Capital.
Adella Tromp
Chief creative officer at Tyrrin
Dolores Okuneva
Executive vice-chairman of RedTee Partners.
Guiseppe Grant
Senior vice-president of Tesipo Retail.

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